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Wakui 240mm Gyuto Shirogami #2 Red Ebony 'D'

Wakui 240mm Gyuto Shirogami #2 Red Ebony 'D'


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Toshihiro Wakui hand forges this series in Shirogami #2 (white steel) in a cladding of stainless steel with a 'D' shaped red ebony and pakka wood handle. Super easy to sharpen to an amazingly fine edge with a light and thin profile.

Product Description

White steel is a very fine grained carbon steel made from a very low contaminate iron loved for it's ease of sharpening and ability to take a very fine razor sharp edge. White steel is a favorite of sushi chefs for knives in which a very fine finish is essential. Not the easiest steel to forge and temper properly, white steel done well is a testimony to a smith's skill. White steel is fairly reactive and requires care to avoid rust.